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Loredana Raciti: Tecnica

Loredana Raciti, is a versatile, multidimensional artist, attentive to an artistic path with research and experimentations in several directions: from painting to collages, from installations to art videos, from photography to digital art, she combines often art and technology, an ideal that also looks to the cities of the future, more functional and environmentally friendly.

The artistic path of Loredana Raciti has been and continue to be plenty of public recognitions for her collages which tell urban, sensual and ironic legends or denounce the problems of the modern world with poetry and refinement, depicting women and almost three-dimensional objects as inspiring muses seeming to almost leave the canvas space driven by the call of non-placeability.

Last but not least, her linen canvases painted with pigments’ technique, the famous precious and natural earths used by the painters of the 1400s for the frescoes, where the artist preserves all the ancient methods – nevertheless brought in a contemporary dimension from the artistic chromatic point of view.

That is a more current expression, proposing anew the idea of the frescoes in the great drafts of her luminous paintings, with synthetic and effective lines, and many times realized in composition, reaching a fragmented yet organized vision of a space inspired by the need for infinity.